The Celtic Conference in Classics

The CCC lends itself to generating collective volumes, under the editorship of panel convenors. The CCC does not provide any financial subsidy; convenors are free in their choice of publisher and format. The following are some of the works which have ensued from panels at the CCC:

Spartan Society (T. Figueira, ed., 2004)

Latin Epic and Didactic Poetry (M. Gale, ed., 2004)

Body Language in the Greek and Roman Worlds (D. Cairns, ed., 2005)
Penser et représenter le corps dans l’Antiquité (F. Prost & J. Wilgaux, eds.)
Sparta and War (S. Hodkinson & A. Powell, eds., 2006)
Texts and Culture in Late Antiquity (D. Scourfield, ed., 2007)
Sparta: The Body Politic (A. Powell & S. Hodkinson, eds., 2010)
Competition in the Ancient World (N. Fisher & H. van Wees, eds., 2011)
Hindsight in Greek and Roman History (A. Powell, ed., 2013)
Aristocracy in Antiquity (N. Fisher & H. van Wees, eds., 2015)
Peace and Reconciliation in the Classical World (E. P. Moloney and M. S. Williams, eds., 2017)
The Seleukid Empire: War in the Family (K. Erickson, ed., 2018)